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Siam Nights
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  Siam Nights is the first book in J. F. Gump's Tropical Heat Trilogy. Originally written for friends and co-workers during a long term project in Thailand, this novel quickly became popular with tourists and expats in Bangkok, Pattaya, Phuket, Chiang Mai, and other cities visited by westerners. Reviewers have called Siam Nights "An expat cult classic - Probably the best novel out of Pattaya [Thailand]." ~ DCO Books.

  Siam Nights is a simple story that deals with complex issues of love, passion, and infidelity. Set in Asia, it's a riveting tale of East meets West. Emotional drama at its finest. But you be the judge. Read an excerpt here.

  Discover more about Siam Nights and other novels by J. F. Gump at the links on this page. You'll be pleased at what you find.
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