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Thailand - Cold Rain


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Mike Johnson never planned to return to Thailand. There were too many bad memories for him there.
    Chalamsee couldn't forget the night she made love with her sister's foreign boyfriend. Her newborn baby made sure of that.
    Somjit would never forget her husband's brutal beating that killed her child before it was born.
    When fate pulls them together, shameful truths are revealed and powerful emotions explode. Join Mike, Chalamsee, and Somjit as they discover the true meanings of love, hate, and forgiveness.

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ISBN/EAN13:   0971485542 / 9780971485549
- Page Count:  296 /  Language:  English

(Please Note: The first English version of this novel is published by Bangkok Book House as The Farang Affair. This edition was written for North American readers and retitled to Cold Rain. Click on here to the Bangkok Books best selling edition.)