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I keep a small personal inventory for anyone interested in an autographed copy. More important I will sell you an autographed copy at a serious savings. These novels sell on Amazon, Target, and CreateSpace for $14.95 PLUS shipping. If you have a PayPal account, I can sell you an autographed copy INCLUDING shipping as follows:

Shipped USPS Media Mail  --  $14.95  (U.S. orders only)

Shipped USPS Priority  --  $16.95  (U.S. orders only)

Contact me via  Jesse ( at )  jfgumpnovels  .com or jesse45039 ( a t ) yahoo (dot) com

Sorry for the address cryptics, but spammers are everywhere and they overflow my inbox. Please replace the cryptics with real stuff and contact me for details. Please type "Book" into the subject line. Thanks!


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DCO Thailand

Bangkok Book House (you can find all of my books in their top twenty top-sellers)

Other Links: (My favorite Bangkok writer. Buy his books - rent is due.) (Ignore the picture. Thanks ;-)

Occasional Rants:

David Carradine. What the hell is up with this? Surrounded by all the women money can buy and he hangs himself while masturbating in a hotel closet? And at the age of 72? If I am fortunate enough to die having sex, I want it to be with a real woman and not with curtain cords around my neck and genitals. Geesh!!!

The US news media is no longer a source of truth, but  a  circus of sensationalism. Swine flu, global warming, Muslims don't lie (apparently), and all the other stuff they present to sell a newpaper or TV show. If a story doesn't scare the crap out of the reader, it doesn't get printed. I think the National Enquirer is now as honest as the NY Times. Just my opinion, of course.

Has anyone noticed the spike in sales of red shirt and yellow shirts in Thailand in recent years? Someone is probably making a fortune, but a lot of someones aren't. If things don't calm down, I predict that brown shirts will be next and I'll have to change my travel plans.

The world has gone insane. Wall Street brokers have sold the U.S. down the river, Obama has implemented a stimulus package that is stimulating no one except cronies and fat-cats, and now the EPA has started the ball rolling on CO2 regulations without proper scientific debate and review. If you think the current financial crisis is a problem, wait until they start taxing you to pay for a problem that doesn't exist. Anyone who thinks man-made CO2 is causing global warming needs to read the below sites for a dose of reality. Al Gore and James Hansen need muzzled if not sued.