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Even Thai Girls Cry

395 Thai Baht

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Tippawan Bongkot is a young Thai woman on the run. Life as she knew it ended the night she caught her fiancÚ with his lover. Her world collapsed the day she lost her job.

Desperate to find work, Tippawan escapes to the resort city of Pattaya hoping that things will change and her bad luck will end. When she meets the farang, a foreigner named Mike, her world does change, but in ways she could have never imagined. Her search for happiness is a haunting adventure not easily forgotten.

Walk with Tippawan as she journeys through one year of her incredible life. Discover the love, hate, and intrigue beneath the tranquil surface of everyday Thailand.

Original Version - Best Seller - Buy It Here.

ISBN:  974-93100-4-7
 -   Page Count:  300  -   Language:  English