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The Farang Affair

450 Thai Baht

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Nearly a year has passed since Tippawan Bongkot's life ended in Thailand's insane traffic. Her death made only the smallest ripple in the world, but it ignited events still felt from Pittsburgh to Bangkok.

Her sister, Nuang, cannot forget Mike Johnson, the farang who loved her sister, or the night of incredible passion they shared. When they meet again, shameful truths are revealed, and powerful emotions explode. Join Mike and Nuang as they discover the true meanings of love, hate, and forgiveness.

A Farang Affair is a must for anyone who has read Even Thai Girls Cry and for anyone destined to read One High Season: the final book of this unforgettable Thailand Trilogy. 

Top Seller in Thailand - Buy It Here.

Publisher: Bangkok Book House  --  ISBN:  974-85123-6-3  -   Page Count:  332  -   Language:  English