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Siam Nights - A Love Story


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     Bad Luck Lady...She calls herself that sometimes. Tippawan is her given name but everyone knows her as Math. She doesn't know where her nickname came from, she just accepts it without question as a proper Thai lady should.
     Math is a beautiful young woman in a mad dash to find herself. Her search takes her from the resort town of Pattaya on the Gulf of Siam to the beautiful city of Chiang Mai in the north. From the bed of her American lover to the arms of her dying father, she lives each day as if it might be her last. Join Math as she passes through one year of her incredible life.

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ISBN/EAN13:  0971485526 / 9780971485525  -   Page Count:  296 /  Language:  English

(Please Note: The first English version of this novel is published by Bangkok Book House as Even Thai Girls Cry. This edition was written for North American readers and retitled to Siam Nights. Click on the "Even Thai Girls Cry" link to see Bangkok Books best selling edition.)