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(Please Note: If you have a slow internet connection, these videos
may pause intermittently. They're still worth watching, though.
Also, you will probably have to allow Active X control.)
Bars of Pattaya
Song by Daniel Buchbauer. Video by ???

Sexy, Naughty, Bitchy
by Tata Young
And yes she speaks Thai. See her Dhoom Dhoom song below.
Dhoom Dhoom (live in Bangkok)
By Tata Young
(See. Told you she could speak Thai.)
Report on Soi Cowboy (Bangkok)
By Dean Barrett
Author of several books set in Asia. Read his novels.
Touring Pattaya
I missed who posted this on you tube.
It's a little long but worth watching.
A More Gritty Pattaya Tour
I don't know who posted this one either.
Unfortunate they lost the music half way through.
I'll add, remove, or simply change these when the mood strikes.
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